Sushi Making For The Soul of Garlic Lovers

Phtoto Courtesy of Eye Candy Toronto

I was invited to the Toronto Garlic Festival to present a talk on “Garlic and Racial Discrimination”, as well as present sashimi that incorporates garlic. Tough to do since throughout its history, the Japanese seldom used garlic in their dishes- in fact despised the smell of it- especially so when it came to their sushi. With a deeper shovel, though, I discovered that there was a small island, Shinkoku, off the east coast of Kyushu, that had been using garlic for hundreds of years without mainlanders knowing about it. They put it in virtually everything they ate. It was also a place that had abundant bonito (skipjack tuna) off its coast. So, “Tosa-style” refers to anything that uses bonito-infused soy sauce. It is often served to accompany sashimi. For the festival, I marinated albacore tuna and Bay of Fundy salmon in Tosa soy and garlic, then topped it off with chopped onions.

Lucy Waverman, Food Editor of The Globe and Mail, wrote it into her latest column for the paper, as well as her popular blog, so that you can enjoy it at home. Enjoy!  TOSA-STYLE SALMON RECIPE.

Photo Courtesy of Eye Candy Toronto
Photo Courtesy of Eye Candy Toronto

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