Trend Hunter Video About Sushi Making For The Soul

Another great addition to the collection of reviews about the sushi classes and hints of a massive personal project in the works with children and food literacy around the world.

Check out the wildly creative Trend Hunter video here.

New format for signing up for Levels I and II. Go to the Classes tab for details.

“Since becoming a popular international cuisine only a few decades ago, sushi has become a household name and Sang Kim, owner of the Yakitori Bar, is trying to make sure this nutritional food stays for good.

Most people experience sushi only when dining out, but Kim, owner of the recently opened Yakitori Bar in Toronto, is using all of his culinary knowledge and skills to make this healthy delicacy available the one place it absolutely should be.

Also the creator of the Yakitori Bar’s Sushi Making for the Soul class, Kim teaches attendants the techniques and history behind this centuries old culinary art form.

Since he is also interested in enlightening immigrant youths and families about the nutritional benefits of this delicious cost-effective cuisine, Sang gave the Trend Hunter team a tasty and educational introduction into the art of sushi making.” Brandon Bastaldo

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