How To Eradicate Childhood Poverty & Hunger: A Two-Part Series

In October, Sushi Making For The Soul will be working closely with two great organizations to raise awareness about- and find practical solutions to- the very real crisis of childhood poverty and hunger all around us.

At Toronto Foundation of Student Success, during the week of the 6th to the 10th, I will be hosting two VIP events, one at Windup Bird Cafe and the other at St. Lawrence Market, with politicians, private donors, chefs, and food literacy/security activists- a week of extraordinary momentum, called FEED TOMORROW.



At Action Against Hunger, on the 7th, Sushi Making For The Soul will be competing against 19 of the best chefs in the city of Toronto in the LOVE FOOD GIVE FOOD Chef’s Challenge, where we all get to recreate something gourmet out of our favourite childhood dish.


Action Against Hunger

Join me and thousands of others to eradicate childhood hunger and poverty in our very midst.



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