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Sushi And The City

Sushi does not have a monopoly on beautiful men and women. Having worked in restaurants offering lighter, and more delicate, versions of classic French and Italian cuisines- cuisines almost always associated with romance- I have served food to my share of beautiful men and… Continue Reading “Sushi And The City”

Sushi Making Fundraiser For The Japanese

On March 11, 2011 the worst earthquake and tsunami in modern Japanese history devastated the Tohoku region of Japan. With 14, 000 dead and tens of thousands more still missing, the scale of this tragedy numbs the mind and silences the heart. Furthermore, the… Continue Reading “Sushi Making Fundraiser For The Japanese”

Designer Jason Nip’s soulful photos from a sushi-making class

Food Writer Michelle Jobin on her fear of mold

Sushi is all about mold. Not kidding. That’s the appetizing fact that Sang Kim shares with us as we get started at a sushi-making class.  Despite my pathological fear of mold (stemming from an allergy to penicillin and a monsoon-like summer spent living in a… Continue Reading “Food Writer Michelle Jobin on her fear of mold”