Live Sushi Birthday


Live classes are back!

Upgrade Your Ramen During Lockdown

Chef Sang’s segment on CTV’s THE SOCIAL with hosts Lainey and Cynthia. Watch all the fun and get some great ideas here.

Have you ever had uncooked ramen and felt guilty about it?

Virtual Sushi with Guru Collab

A virtual workshop with some of the finest planners in Toronto. Special thanks to Marla Brown of MB Designs/Guru Collab for hitting a home run with this event!

Live Pandemic Sushi Workshop

Social-distancing best practices at first #bacheloretteparty of 2020 for the COOLEST bride-to-be, Jenny, and her #besties

Thanks for an awesome time! Nice to be moving back to LIVE!

Mazel Tov Jenn!
Best Social Distancing Practises

Virtual Sushi Birthday Workshop

Celebrating Remy’s birthday with friends and family across the United States.