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Upgrade Your Ramen During Lockdown

Chef Sang’s segment on CTV’s THE SOCIAL with hosts Lainey and Cynthia. Watch all the fun and get some great ideas here.

Our Chef Sang returns to CTV’s The Social to inaugurate Lunar New Year 2020

Watch the fun segment here.

Our Chef Sang returns to The Social to teach epic Japanese Sandwiches

When Chef Sang shares his favourite tofu recipes on The Social

Sampling Tofu-Avocado Gratin and Mongolian Tofu with Lainey & Mel. Click here to watch the segment.

When Chef Sang prepares bento boxes with hosts Lainey & Mel

http://www.thesocial.ca/food/side-dish?vid=1314447 Our own Chef Sang teaches the hosts a thing or two about making intricate bento boxes.