Classes & Location

LEVEL I CLASS: Making Makimonos: $39 + 13% HST = $44.07 Per Person

This is a fun hands-on sushi-making class. It begins with an irreverent presentation about the history of sushi to offer context. You make five makimonos (cucumber, kanikama, salmon, California Roll, seafood medley). Take photos to send to your friends and family to prove your culinary genius. Eat, drink and laugh a lot. Vegetarians and those with allergies are welcome, but need to let us know when you sign up. Everything will be supplied for you. Just bring your lovely self.



(25% SOLD)

Here are the various ways you can book your spot! Make sure you note the date you wish to book during the payment process.

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LEVEL II CLASS: Nigiri & Sashimi: $55 + 13% HST = $62.15 Per Person

This is a quarterly annual class where you learn how to cut fish for both nigiri and sashimi, using real sushi knives, intermediate level of difficulty. You will also learn how to prepare sushi rice properly. You will make 8 pieces of nigiri and 8 pieces of sashimi using three kinds of fish (tuna, salmon, tai)+ two kinds of shellfish (unagi, shrimp). You must have completed Level I class in order to be eligible for this class. This class is not for vegetarians.



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SUSHI TAKE-HOME KIT FOR TWO: $30 + 13% HST = $33.90

This kit is highly recommended if you intend on making sushi at home after taking the Level I class. The kit includes: Bamboo Rolling Mats (2), Soy Sauce Bottle (1), Wasabi Tube (1), Pickled Ginger Jar (1), Bag of Sushi Rice (1), Nori Pack (10 sheets). Please pre-order your take-home kit at the same time you sign up for a class.

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201 Weston Road, Suite 101Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 2.04.56 PM

Subway: Keele Station: Take Bus #89 and it will stop directly in front of the building.

Subway: St. Clair West Station: Take Streetcar #512. Transfer at Keele Street. Take Bus #89.

Car: Street parking available.

For Google map, click here

95 thoughts on “Classes & Location

  1. I would like to give my daughter a sushi making class as a Christmas gift. Please provide the next date (after Dec. 25th) you will be having another class. Since this will be a present, do you provide a gift certificate, nice envelope, brochures, etc.

    • Hi Donna,
      Thanks for your interest. Thoughtful gift, I say.
      There is a new class in a new location. Please go to the website for details.
      Looking forward to meeting you.

      • Hi Sang,

        I would also like to give a sushi (Maki) making class as a gift for my young sister for Christmas. I don’t see any Dates for after Dec. 25th, can you please let me know when they will be posted?


    • Hi Madison,
      Thank you for your interest. Yes, there will be two classes in March. One very popular singles class- EAT MY SUSHI- and one for couples.
      Stay tuned. It will be posted very soon, once dates are confirmed.

  2. Hi I was wondering if there will be any classes in August or September for beginners? More specifically for couples? Thanks!

  3. Hello,
    Love the concept and would like to come out and join the fun but location is not convenient. Will you expand your class offerings into the Markham (York Region) area? It would be great.

    • Hi Alina,
      Thanks for your interest in sushi-making classes. There will be no classes in July as of this moment. I will need to see more interest for classes that month.

  4. My name is Laura Bain and I work on the Lang & O’Leary Exchange at CBC Totonto.
    I’m very interested in the idea of sustainable sushi.
    Sushi is so popular in the city and all other the country, but I’ve never really heard of any of the restaurants using sustainable fish suppliers.
    I wonder if you may be able to speak as a guest on the show regarding the issue?
    Please let me know.

    Laura Bain
    CBC News
    Lang & O’Leary Exchange

  5. Just watched your interview on kevin and O’Larry exchange ! I gotta say I felt my self in between David and Kevin as well ! Very interested on attending your class! When will you be coming to Vancouver ?

  6. I live in Muskoka, we are very interested in having a course here. Any chance you would be able to come to Muskoka for a session?

  7. Hi,

    My mother is coming to visit me in october and wonder if you have any classes between the 1-18 of october, with time and prices please thank you


  8. Hi!

    I would also like to give my son a mom&son sushi making class as a gift. He is 9 years old. Is this something you can do? Also, you mentioned you have a new location for classes. where can I find this information on your website? Keele is a bit too far for me coming from Markham…


  9. Chef Sang Kim, I just want to thank you for a wonderful evening, I had lots of fun and it was a pleasure meeting you!!! Will definitely keep an eye open for some of you’re next classes!

  10. I am very interested to hear of the date for your next level 1class. Any idea when it might occur? I think it would be perfect for a date with a friend who just came back from Japan.

  11. Hi Sang,

    I am very interested in the sushi making classes, and I was wondering which other dates the beginner classes are offered. Please msg me back a friend and I would very much like to attend.


  12. Hi Sang,
    I am looking to take my fiancé to a class as Christmas gift. Do you have any dates set for January 2013 yet?

  13. Hi. I am interested in the classes. Will you be offering these into the new year? I was thinking of something like this as a Christmas gift for my wife.

  14. I would like to get my girlfriend a class as a Christmas gift. I was wondering if you have any dates set for january yet, and if you have any gift certificates or receipts that i could give to her.

  15. Hi there, I was thinking about doing something like this for my workplace. How many people are able to attend a class at once, and is it possible to book a date for the group further than what is already posted?

  16. Interested in the Level 1 class for March, but noticed how the previous classes are always held Saturdays. Are there no other days that you offer these classes? I work Saturdays! :(

  17. Hello, I noticed that you only have one Level 2 class in May, will there be any more classes in May for Level 1 or as you offered before any couple classes?

  18. I would like to give this as a gift, but do not know my daughter-in-laws’ schedule… do you have gift certificates available that I could give her and then she can book the class herself?

    • Hi Loraine, thank you for thinking of my classes as a gift for your daughter-in-law. I do not do gift certificates, so ask the giver to do something creative themselves. Thanks, Sang

  19. I’m looking to book into a class or even a private lesson for my anniversary next month- what is the schedule for June?

    • Hi Yvonne,
      Thank you for your interest in sushi making classes. One date in March will be posted but not until the last week of February. Just follow the website and you will receive an email notification as soon as I post a date. The spots move very quickly. Looking forward to meeting you and your friends.

  20. Pingback: April Showers | layeredindulgence

    • Hi Cee, sorry for the tardiness. Classes are for all people, but they are mostly couples anyway. The last couples class was the Valentine’s Day Lovers Edition.

    • Hi Joan. The classes are held at Windup Bird Cafe (382 College Street, two blocks east of Bathurst). The Windup website is temporarily down at the moment, but should be up in a few days.

  21. what is Makimonos, i want to learn how to make regular sushi rolls, like avacado roll & dynamite roll etc.

    Do you offer that, if so what class is it?

  22. Hi! I saw you at Canada AM and you mentioned about the free sushi making classes for kids at Laurel School ( Is that in Upjohn st?) How can I register my daughters? Thank you!

    • Hi Ashleigh, sorry for the tardiness with August dates. This has been due to many corporate and private events that still need to be firmed up. August dates will be up by end of this week. Thank you!

  23. Just to clarify, will all the classes be at Koyoi? Just want to make sure since I might be coming to a class and people have told me the classes are in Yakitori bar and Wind-Up Bird too

    • Hi Anya, thank you for your interest in the classes. December dates will be posted in the last week of November. Sorry, it’s a very busy holiday party/corporate event time of year. Your patience will be well rewarded!

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