Media on Chef Sang

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October 2019: Chef Sang’s Epic Japanese Sandwiches segment on CTV’s The Social. Watch the segment here.
Eater Episode- Jamese Cheese Ribs
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CTV Toronto News - Gifting Kimchi
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Giant Spicy Salmon Roll
Character Bento Boxes with Chef Sang and the hosts, Mel and Lainey
CTV's YOUR MORNING with Chef Sang and host Ben Mulroney go for gold
Netflix: Rebel Without A Kitchen
Korean BBQ
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Asian Pancakes
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The Social Sushi Lesson
Judge on AMI’s Menu Match-Up
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Canada AM: Do-It-Yourself Sushi with Celebrity Chef, 2014
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Breakfast Television: Tofu and the Food Revolution, 2014
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CBC’s Lang & O’Leary Exchange: Sustainable Sushi, 2013
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World’s #1 Trend Site, Trendhunter, Celebrates Sushi Fun Day with Celebrity Chef, Sang Kim, 2015
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TEDx Talk on Food Literacy & Childhood Poverty, 2013