Media on Chef Sang

Your maestro, Chef Sang Kim, has been behind some of the best known modern Japanese and Korean restaurants in Toronto and was profiled in the New York Times #1 bestselling book, Better and Faster, for his innovative approach to food. His upcoming TV show, SEARCHING WITH CHEF SANG, airs on TLN in Spring 2022.
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October 2019: Chef Sang’s Epic Japanese Sandwiches segment on CTV’s The Social. Watch the segment here.
Eater Episode- Jamese Cheese Ribs
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CTV Toronto News - Gifting Kimchi
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Giant Spicy Salmon Roll
Character Bento Boxes with Chef Sang and the hosts, Mel and Lainey
CTV's YOUR MORNING with Chef Sang and host Ben Mulroney go for gold
Netflix: Rebel Without A Kitchen
Korean BBQ
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Asian Pancakes
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The Social Sushi Lesson
Judge on AMI’s Menu Match-Up
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Canada AM: Do-It-Yourself Sushi with Celebrity Chef, 2014
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Breakfast Television: Tofu and the Food Revolution, 2014
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CBC’s Lang & O’Leary Exchange: Sustainable Sushi, 2013
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World’s #1 Trend Site, Trendhunter, Celebrates Sushi Fun Day with Celebrity Chef, Sang Kim, 2015
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TEDx Talk on Food Literacy & Childhood Poverty, 2013