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Making Makimonos: $50 + HST ($56.50)

California Roll 5

This is the most popular hands-on sushi-making class in the universe. Just ask any alien! It begins with an irreverent and hilarious presentation about the history of sushi, as well as proper sushi etiquette. Then, you make four different types of rolls and eat them too: cucumber, spicy salmon, California Roll, Yin & Yang. (It is ample dinner size,  but light snacks are also served during the presentation.) Take photos and send to your friends to prove your culinary genius. Eat, drink and laugh a lot. Vegetarians and those with dietary restrictions and allergies are welcome (we need to know when you sign up). Everything will be supplied for you. Just bring your lovely self. Beverages are extra. Prizes for the best rolls handed out at every class!

Recommendation: Purchase Sushi Take Home For Two kits to continue practising your mastery after the class (see below).


THURSDAY APRIL 6th: 7pm-9:30pm (SOLD OUT!)

THURSDAY APRIL 20th: 7pm-9:30pm (SOLD OUT!)

FRIDAY APRIL 21st: 7pm-9:30pm (2 SPOTS LEFT!)

SATURDAY APRIL 29th: 7pm-9:30pm (2 SPOTS LEFT!)

THURSDAY MAY 11th: 7pm-9:30pm (6 SPOTS LEFT!)

SATURDAY MAY 20th: 7pm-9:30pm (4 SPOTS LEFT!)

FRIDAY MAY 26th: 7pm-9:30pm (4 SPOTS LEFT!)

Here are the two ways you can secure your spot! Please make sure you note the date.

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    Nigiri & Sashimi: $70 + HST ($79.10)

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In this intermediate-high level class, you learn how to cut fish for both nigiri and sashimi. You will also learn how to prepare sushi rice properly. You will make 10 pieces of nigiri and 6 pieces of sashimi using three kinds of fish (tuna, salmon, butterfish) + two kinds of shellfish (unagi, shrimp) + one California RollThis class is not recommended for vegetarians. The Making Makimonos class is highly recommended before enrolling in this class.


SATURDAY MAR 18TH: 7pm-9:30pm

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SUSHI KIT FOR TWO: $40 + HST ($45.20) 


Sushi kits are supplied to you for all events. However, if you intend on making sushi at home after taking a class, this kit is highly recommended. Unlike other kits, the items are hand-selected across brands and manufacturers, to offer the best in the market. The soy sauce and sushi rice are the same blends that are used in the sushi classes. The kit includes: Bamboo Rolling Mats (2), Custom-blended Soy Sauce Bottle, Wasabi Tube, Pickled Ginger Jar, Bag  custom-blended Sushi Rice, Nori Pack, and Sushi Seasoning Bottle. 

Pre-order your take-home sushi kit at the same time you sign up for a class. 

Here are the two ways you can purchase your kit! 

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