Corporate & Private Events

Whether it’s at your office, home, or at our place, we got this.  We bring everything so you can just sit back and astonish yourself with your sushi-making genius!

A sampling of the 300+ great Canadian organizations that have developed Sushi Warriors within their ranks. Do you have a Sushi Warrior on your team?


This is the most popular sushi workshop at your office or in your boardroom. 300+ organizations have brought out the Inner Sushi Chef within their ranks. Prizes awarded for “best of” in four categories. 12 participants, no maximum. From $55.00 to $75.00 per person. Scaled rates for 25 or more persons. Email us for more details:


This is the most popular sushi workshop in your house, friend’s backyard, or condo party room. Rates vary according to weekday or weekend dates and day or night slots. Minimum 10 persons. $45.00 to $65.00 per person. Email us for more details:


This workshop is for those company departments who wish to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation of their teams. Teams of two to ten are pitted against each other in a friendly competition to see who can solve four “problems” using multiple sushi ingredients. This one is a mind-bender, requiring intense head-to-hand coordination. Minimum 8 persons. $75.00 per person. Email us for more details:


Temaki (Handroll) stations are simple ways to get your team to quickly making a creative and delicious sushi treat when you have more than one event station at your Employee Appreciation Party. Everyone gets 8 ingredients to choose from. $15 per handroll, minimum 40 handrolls. Email us for more details:


This workshop is heavily subsidized for groups of children/youth ranging in age from 8 years to 16 years, whether it is to celebrate a birthday, bar/bat mitzvahs, or any type of theme party. Our organization was founded with children smack in the heart of it- our raison d’être. From church basements to community centres and summer camps, to library Youth Hubs and kitchen tables across the province of Ontario, we have proudly taught thousands of children the craft of sushi making as well as a thing or two about food literacy. Email us for pricing details:


Want to do something unique? A once-in-a-lifetime event destined to create unforgettably happy memories for people you care about? Yeah, we’re game for it! Share your idea with us and you’ll quickly see why we are the #1 sushi making class anywhere:

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