Sang Kim




Sushi Making For The Soul workshops (Canada's most popular sushi making class) are recognized for the informative and joyful activity it brings to the class, as well as advocating for the causes of food literacy for children and the much-needed fight against childhood hunger and poverty. Your host, Sang Kim, is an award-winning fiction writer, playwright, chef/restaurateur and advocate of food literacy for children. He is the recipient of the Gloria Vanderbilt Prize for Fiction and LCBO’s Featured Chef in 2013. His upcoming third book, WOODY ALLEN ATE MY KIMCHI, takes a candid look behind-the-scenes at some of the top restaurants and hotels in Ontario. He has been behind some of the top modern Japanese restaurants in Canada. He is a much sought-after speaker and has given keynote addresses and talks at a variety of events such as TEDx, IMPACT, TORONTO DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD, TORONTO PUBLIC LIBRARY and SIPO Foundation.

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