Making Gimbap (Korean-style Futomaki) on Breakfast Television

Watch Chef Sang teach Sid how to make classic Korean-style sushi roll here.

Making Grilled Freshwater Eel (Unagi) on CTV’s Your Morning

Find out how to make a simple spicy-sweet marinade for unagi (grilled freshwater eel) here.

Celebrating ‘Black Day’ with Jajangmyeon on CTV’s Your Morning

In South Korea, April 14th is the day singles gather to celebrate (commiserate?) over their independence (aloneness?). They do this by wearing black and chowing down on jajangmeon (자장면) – noodles in black bean sauce. Absolutely delicious for the conjugally-challenged or the whole family. Check out Chef Sang’s recipe here.

Attempting Korean French Toast for kids on CTV’s The Social

Live television and Chef Sang’s mastered art of being unprepared for it. Watch the full segment here.

Lunar New Year Treats on CTV’s Your Morning

Chef Sang and host Anne-Marie Mediwake sweet talk about Korean rice cakes and beverages