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The Intention Sessions Interviews

Check out this inspiring and timely podcast by Adrienne Enns of MAY YOU KNOW JOY. In one of the interviews, our Chef Sang discusses the story behind Sushi Making For The Soul.

Virtual Sushi Classes

As we prepare for the gradual re-opening of our actual studio, we have been thoroughly enjoying invitations to the virtual party. Thanks to all those who have welcomed us into their homes via Zoom. Looking forward to more such sushi parties in the coming…

Free Virtual Workshop For Kids

You’ve had it up to HERE, we’re sure. So are we…So, we want to give you a bit of reprieve. On MONDAY MAY 18th (4pm-5pm), we are conducting a free virtual sushi class for your kids via ZOOM. Coming to you from our kitchen…


I’m indifferent to lobster meat, whether cooked or served as sashimi. It may or may not have anything to do with taking a date to a Red Lobster during my university days. She was hardly impressed and never did respond to my follow-up calls….


It doesn’t matter if you think the fish is boring or flavourless. Tilapia is the third most consumed fish in the world. And with self-isolation causing you to pull out (…to the dismay of your soon-to-be wealthy barber…) all that hair on your head,…